IMG_0291Sylvia is a dynamic entrepreneur who has achieved phenomenal success.  When Sylvia felt the call to leave the corporate world, she dove into an unknown territory that lead her on a Spiritual journey to uncover the essence of her true self.  This path was unlike any other, incredibly challenging with many twists, turns and bumps.  As frustrating and overwhelming as it was, she persevered.  Sylvia finds deep joy and fulfillment in guiding others on their Spiritual path.

Sylvia’s vision is to assist in the raising of human consciousness through self-awareness, intention and mindfulness from the Heart.  Sylvia’s intention is to awaken and inspire individuals to step into their self-authority and embrace the full expression of their true SELF.  Her passion is to bring awareness to the power and potential of human relationships.  Sylvia’s experience, creativity, insights, deep passion for diversity, combined with her unique training and intervention skills serves her clients everyday in making meaningful and transformative changes.

Sylvia is zealous about nurturing her clients to have conscious and intentional relationships, she engages her clients to see and understand what’ s really going on in their world; what’s needed; how to effectively and efficiently address conflict and differences with immediate and sustainable results.  It is critical for us all to have the ability to create wholeness, harmony and unity.  This is possible only when we are able to make life choices from a place of emotional stability knowing that our actions are life giving and not life diminishing.

Sylvia’s innate ability to establish and sustain ongoing relationships, nurture and cultivate a culture of unity and wholeness among individuals and organizations has made her an exceptional Consultant; Spiritual Teacher/Mentor; Accredited Relationship Systems Coach/Facilitator and Reiki Master.